ABL Formats

The Amateur Billiards League offers a variety of billiards formats

8-Ball Open Format

Play on a team in a natural competitive environment with classic call ball/call pocket 8-Ball

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9-Ball Open Format

Make it a points race! Want to change it up? Join one of our 9-Ball Divisions and play against other teams in a points race to victory!

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10-Ball Open Format

If you want something a little more challenging join one of our 10-Ball Divisions.

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Combo Open Format

Love 8-Ball and 9-Ball? Step it up and play both during one night in Combo! Alternate between the two most popular formats against other teams!

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Triple Threat Open Format

If you like all formats and can't decide which one to choose then you need to join one of our Triple Threat Divisions where you play 8-Ball, 9-Ball &10-Ball all in the same night!

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College Combo Open Format

This League is designed for the College Campus in mind. Talk with your Billiard Hall Director and tell them you would like to have a College League!!

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Next Gen Youth 9 Ball Open Format

This 9-Ball League is designed to introduce the Next Generation of Billiard Enthusiasts to structured competition. Our Next Generation holds the key to keeping the sport of Billiards alive and it is up to our generation to guide them. This League is for Ages 7-17

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