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Introduction to the Amateur Billiards League (ABL Pool League)

It all started in the fall of 2017 when a group of local league players brought up the idea of doing an “in-house” league but wanted it to be something different.

There are several Pool Leagues out there and each one has something different to offer.
Truth is, not one pool league out there is going to make everyone happy. Whether it is TAP, NAPA, BCA, APA, CPA, or ABL.
ABL Pool League is in the process of putting together formats and guidelines that were generated from listening to the players. 
Is ABL the best pool league out there? We won’t say that it is, but we also won’t say that it isn’t. What we will say is that the ABL staff is dedicated to making pool league night fun once again.
Everyone wants to win, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of not having fun. When it’s not fun for you, you make it not fun for others.
We’re not saying anyone should leave any of the leagues they are in now, but we are saying that you should check out the ABL Pool League, and see what it’s all about.

As we began putting the ideas together for the “in-house” league there was one thing we definitely wanted. We wanted to put together a night of play where you could shoot both 8 and 9 Ball within the same night of competition.

That was when the Combo League Format came to life and the Amateur Billiards League was formed. We have been working virtually non-stop for the past year in hopes to bring, to you the players, a league that everyone looks forward to. A league night of fun competition between friends and family.

We began bouncing ideas off of one another while listening to the feedback from players that have been in other leagues. Things they liked about them as well as things they didn’t like. So we took all of that feedback into¬† consideration.

The ABL Pool League is a “Call your ball, Call your pocket” league therefore taking every effort to remove the “Slop” out of league play.

You can look forward to several different formats and tournaments such as the following:

Regular Session League Formats:

  • 8 Ball Open (Team Play and Singles)
  • 9 Ball Open (Team Play and Singles)
  • 10 Ball Open (Team Play and Singles)
  • Combo League Open – Mix of 8 and 9 ball games within a match night (Game for Game match, No handicap race)
  • Triple Threat Open – Mix of 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball games within a match night (Game for Game match, No handicap race)

Other League Structures

  • College 9-Ball Leagues
  • Next Gen Youth 9-Ball League (Ages 5-17)


  • King of the Cup (for Regular Session Champion Teams)
  • Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Open (Max Combined Skill Level = 10)
  • Beauty and The Beast 8-Ball Open (Max Combined Skill Level = 10)
  • ABL Billiards Golf Tournament (Max Combined Skill Level = 15)

As a member of the ABL Pool League you will have online access to the Members Area for tracking Team Schedule, Seeing Player Current and Lifetime Stats, News of upcoming tournaments or events, Win and Defense percentages. You will also be able to download score sheets, match/points tracking template, print calendar information, view/print Division Roster, Division Schedule, and Division Team Standings.

Be sure to click the “Contact Us” menu tab and send us an email with all questions you may have.

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Thank you for checking out ABL Pool League, the Amateur Billiards League!!!