Check out what the Amateur Billiards League (ABL) is working on.

ABL is a Call Ball/Call Pocket League, it is a handicapped league but the formula has a lot to do with ball count.
We are going to offer the following:
•8 Ball
•9 Ball
•10 Ball
•Combo Format (8&9)
•Triple Threat Format (8,9&10)

•Singles Division
•College Divisions
•Next Gen 9 Ball Youth League

•Singles (Open)
•Beauty and the Beast (Male/Female)
•Scotch Doubles (Open)
•ABL Billiards Golf (Team Open)

The King of the Cup Team Champions within each State will compete to be the State Team Champions.
So Each State will have a State Team Champion.

Each State Team Champion will compete to be the
U.S. ABL Team Champions

It will take a little while to grow to be able to do the larger tournaments but we know what we are working towards.